Moreshet, Mordechai Anielevich Memorial - Centre for Holocaust Education and Research

Moreshet, the Mordechai Anielewicz Memorial, was founded in 1961 by a group of holocaust survivors, some of the last Jewish fighters in the Ghettos and partisan organizations. The founders' goal was to confer on to future generations the memory of the holocaust alongside the memory of the heroism and perpetuation of the organized Jewish resistance during World War II. Moreshet emphasizes the Jewish stance and uprising during the holocaust and integrates the extension of holocaust research with increasing awareness of the moral and value conflicts during that period.

Many researchers, students and visitors from Israel and abroad  frequent the various departments of Moreshet to further their knowledge of various topics relating to the holocaust and anti-Semitism.

In addition to that, Moreshet offers many educational channels to the general public and especially to teenagers. Information is conveyed through lectures, discussion groups and arts and crafts workshops. In the art workshops participants have a choice of theatre, music, plastic art and creative writing. The seminars combine the learning experience with active participation of the participants, on site and off it.

In addition, Moreshet organizes an annual event marking the international Holocaust Memorial Day and is partner to the organization of the ceremony at Yad Mordechai on national Holocaust Memorial Day.

The Centre for Holocaust Education at Moreshet offers a wide and fascinating range of learning programmes and quality activities, guided by a team of skilled and professional teachers, instructors and lecturers. The centre constantly updates and enriches the leaning programmes. The activities held at the centre are adapted to different audiences: IDF soldiers, teachers, students, school children, tour guides to Poland and the general public.

The learning programmes are comprised of exhibitions, films, seminars and meetings with holocaust survivors. The lectures given in seminars and longer programmes cover topics such as European Jewry before the war, World War II and the holocaust, the memory of the holocaust in Israeli society, Zionism, Judaism, youth movements and young leadership and more. The workshops raise various dilemmas and are conducted in small groups allowing open discussion.

The Mordechai Anielewicz Museum presents the world of the Jewish town through characters and scenery from the town of Turiisk before the war and the Jewish resistance in the Ghettos with all its complexities. It emphasises the Warsaw Ghetto rebellion – the symbol of Jewish resistance during the holocaust, which was led by young people, members of the youth movements.

Other displays and exhibits and presented at Moreshet, including "Faces of Resistance – Women in the Holocaust", "Journey to the heart's Desire – The Story of the Holocaust Survivors' Immigration to Israel", "Lubomel – A Jewish World That Was" and more. The exhibitions are adapted to the educational activities conducted at the teaching centre. The gallery adjacent to the teaching centre shows temporary displays on the subject of art.

 The Moreshet Archive collects and preserves rich and valuable documentary material, including original documents, certificates, photographs and artefacts from the holocaust and World War II. In addition, the archive holds a massive collection of personal and collective testimonies and many visual aids. The archive is in direct contact with research institutes and universities around the world and continues to collect important and original material.

Moreshet Publishing House, the oldest in its field in Israel, was founded in 1963 and has become the true and qualified source of knowledge and historic research on the holocaust and anti-Semitism. The publishing house publishes a unique series of guides of various cities in Poland, edited by Alex Danzig and Batia Dvir: Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin and Lodz. In addition, Moreshet publishes memoires, historic research books and a special series designed for teenagers.

Moreshet Journal of Holocaust and Anti-Semitism Research, which deals with the documentation and historiography of the holocaust, has been printed regularly twice a year since December 1963 and enjoys international scientific prestige as a leading academic journal in the research of the holocaust. As of the winter of 2003, this journal is printed also in English.

Moreshet activity is recognized by the Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Education, which supports Moreshet, in addition to the support of the "Claims Committee".


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