HaShomer HaTzair Around the World

HaShomer HaTzair global movement concerns itself with idealistic education and teaches the values of humane Judaism, socialism and Zionist realization amongst Jewish youth around the world, with an emphasis on deepening Jewish identity.

The movement stands for equality and social justice and sees the various forms of kibbutz life and communality as a way of life. Additionally, the movement emphasises involvement in Jewish community life in the diaspora and affecting it in the spirit of freedom, democracy, equality and man's freedom and respect. The movement acts for and teaches peace and co-existence between Israel and its neighbours.

HaShomer HaTzair global movement covers five continents and has approximately 5200 members in Latin America, Europe, North America and Australia.

The movement's chief enterprises include an annual council and seminar, held by continent, which bring together all activists, delegates and secretaries from the different Kenim, to discuss matters of values, education and ideology of the movement. These events are a hub for movement-wide discussion on the movement's goals and the ways to achieve them.


Chief Enterprises:

Hachshara is a long-running enterprise where high school-graduating members from around the world come to spend a year in Israel. They study at the leader training institute at the Jewish Agency, spend time living on a kibbutz, participate in the movement's education centre where they are taught subjects relating to the values of HaShomer HaTzair, study at Ulpan and volunteer for community work.

These members usually return to work in their original Ken and join the leadership of the local Ken, drawing from the knowledge and experience they have accumulated. The trip to Poland is another part of the Hachshara year and is taken in a joint delegation, together with HaShomer HaTzair movement in Israel. On this trip they learn the historical aspects and the moral dilemmas relating to the holocaust and its events and to the ways of commemorating it and preserving the memory of it. The members play an active role in the preparations and during the trip itself. In recent years there has been great improvement in regard to the Hachshara year and the number of participating members from many countries is rising continually.

Among others, the movement runs the following enterprises:

Camp Israel, a leadership seminar in Europe;

Shomria in Latin America;

Camp Shomria in North America;

Garin Conventions in Europe and Latin America;

Aliyah Conventions in Israel.

HaShomer HaTzair global movement views as an achievement the constant dealing with the ideological dimension which occurs at leadership conventions, councils, at Shomria and other conventions, in the work and the educational activity, as well as amongst the immigrants and in their inclusion in movement's voluntary activities in Israel. In recent years there has been an increase in the trend of expanding the activity goals of the movement through local activists, and it is enjoying great success.

100th Anniversary of HaShomer HaTzair Global Movement

In July 2013 HaShomer HaTzair global movement, in collaboration with the movement in Israel, will mark its 100th anniversary with a special Shomria convention. At the centre of this event is a broad discussion on the image of the Shomeric Ken and the design of its future. In addition, participants acquire tools to understand the reality in Israel, in the Kibbutz movement, in questions of the face of the State of Israel today, social justice in Israel, attitude towards Zionism and the Jewish-Arab conflict.

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