HaShomer HaTzair Movement in Israel

HaShomer HaTzair movement is a Zionistic, secular and socialistic, attended by thousands of members and alumni. The movement is conducted by democratic values and teenagers and adults lead its "Kenim", run all its activities and determine the movement's path.

HaShomer HaTzair was founded in Europe in 1913 and is the oldest of the youth movements currently active in Israel. HaShomer HaTzair is an educational and actualizing movement. Throughout its lifetime, the demand for self-realization has been a key factor in Shomeric education. It is this realization that has enabled HaShomer HaTzair movement to function as far more than youth movement and found its life's work – the Shomeric kibbutz. In the first years of the previous decade, following the crisis in the Kibbutz movement, the movement opened new routes to realization, the main one being the alumni movement.

Thousands of HaShomer HaTzair members take part in the movement's activities across the country and the Kenim are attended by young people from all social strata; activities are attended by teenagers from well-established towns, developing town, kibbutzes, disadvantaged neighbourhoods and communal settlements. HaShomer HaTzair members show today, as ever, active involvement in the fulfilment of all national undertakings: the movement runs innovative projects promoting equality between the different sector of Israeli society to create partnership and closeness between Jews and Arabs in Israel and to fight for the end of the conflict with our Palestinian neighbours. The movements teaches its members to be people who give their time and capabilities to society, based on values of humanity, socialism, Zionism, democracy, peace, solidarity and social justice. In the years it has existed, the movement has been a leading partner in the most significant historical processes that the Jewish people have gone through: Aliyah (immigration to Israel), settlement, the pioneer movement; the fight against the Nazi regime, the rebellion in the ghettos; the foundation of the State, the fight for its existence and its borders; the contest over the character of the state and the struggle for a humane, just society, which continues at full throttle even today.

In 2013 HaShomer HaTzair in Israel, along with HaShomer HaTzair global movement, celebrates its 100th anniversary. The centennial year will be devoted to consideration of the image of the Shomeric Ken in the next 100 years, to redefinition of its purpose, while maintaining the autonomy of the members of each Ken in leading it. The movement sees education within the movement as an essential goal in itself, which is realized in the activity of the Ken. The process within the Kenim will reach its climax at the highlight event of the centennial year – the tenth Shomria.

Working up to the next 100 years, HaShomer HaTzair movement continues to be committed to the idea of realization through the enlargement and empowerment of the alumni movement, further contention for the path of the kibbutz and other targets based on the same ideas and values, so that the next 100 years will be at least as meaningful as the first 100 years.

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