HaKibbutz HaArtzi Quire

HaKibbutz HaArtzi Quire was founded in 1958 and has made a name for itself as one of the best quires in Israel. The conductor and musical director of the quire since 1990 is Yuval Ben-Ozer. The quire is made up of kibbutz members from across the country, who meet for weekly rehearsals, led by the conductor and musical director.

Performances across the country are given by the quire in many musical centres, performing a variety of A-Cappella pieces from different periods, as well as orchestral concerts. The quire appears regularly at the music festival at Abu-Gosh on Sukkoth and Shavuot.

The quire's repertoire includes pieces such as St Matthew's Passion by Bach, Mozart's Requiem, Gabriel Fauré's Requiem, Ernest Bloch's Sacred Service, Canto General to the words of Pablo Neruda and Zorba the Greek by Mikis Theodorakis, alongside Israeli originals such as David and Goliath by Aharon Harlap, Ron Weinberg's Eternal Peace and many more.

HaKibbutz HaArtzi Quire has performed with Israel's top orchestras, led by the top conductors, including James Levine, Zubin Mehta and others. The quire cooperates on different projects with "The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, IBA", "The Israel Symphony Orchestra, Rishon LeZion", Ra'anana Symphonette and Barrocade Orchestra.

In 1994 the quire won the award for the best performance of an Israeli piece from the Public Council of Culture and Art.

The conductor and musical director, Yuval Ben-Ozer, is one of the most senior conductors in Israel, a graduate of the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem and the School of Music at Indiana University. Ben-Ozer was the quire conductor in productions of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zubin Mehta, Kurt Masur and Daniel Barenboim, has conducted Israel's leading orchestras and has been invited as a guest conductor around Europe and South America.

Ben-Ozer, who is also the musical director of the New Israeli Vocal Ensemble, holds many workshops and lectures before managers of business organizations in Israel and abroad, as part of a unique organization programme which he has developed.

Ben-Ozer is joined by Moshe Har'el, a member of Kibbutz Bar'am, who has acted as the quire's administrative director since 1981. Zhanna Kopilev is the quire pianist.

Performances and recordings abroad by HaKibbutz HaArtzi Quire have been held in the USA, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia and a 12 concert tour of Korea and Japan, where the quire left a strong impression, thanks to its varied repertoire and professional style, and all their performances were received with great enthusiasm.

An extensive tour of China is planned for 2012, aided by the Embassy and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, which are also arranging a concert on their behalf.


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