The Kibbutz Artists Workshop

The Kibbutz Artists Workshop has become, over the years, an institute with a unique environment which imbues the values of the kibbutz in its urban environment. The Workshop stands out due to its differences in the Tel-Aviv area where it is located, thanks to the merging of a professional audience with a lay audience, and it helps in creating a productive and supportive debate which allows each and every student to find their place, learn, improve and fit in to the art world "outside".

Dialogue between society and art. In these times, when cultural institutes are collapsing, the Kibbutz Artists Workshop wakens new interest, making every effort to deepen the vital dialogue between society and art. A society which acknowledges its intellectuals and creators appropriates a creative and intellectual lifestyle that is vital to the propriety of its moral, aesthetic and human fabric.

In this spirit, the Kibbutz Artists Workshop is studious in its efforts to preserve and develop the "art-society" dialogue and offer practical and theoretical solutions in the various fields of creativeness to a core group of creation- and knowledge-thirsty citizens.

The purpose of the Kibbutz Artists Workshop is to mould a new generation of artists in various disciplines outside the academic frame, and as an alternative to the courses available on the market – to offer amateur artists a supportive and inspiring professional "greenhouse" that will train cultural consumers in the various creative disciplines.


Goals. The goals of the Kibbutz Artists Workshop is to expand the study courses, enrich the selection of classes, provided support for students who have completed one year of formal education and wish to continue their studies. Additionally, to create a professional, high-quality, supportive learning environment in the artistic disciplines and dialogue.

The Workshop integrates artists as instructors in the various seminars, all the while emphasizing quality and professionalism above and beyond the accepted norm in similar settings and with the purpose of offering an alternative to the existing supply in academic and semi-academic frameworks.

With a view to increasing the number of students, using the Workshop's existing infrastructure and reputation, a writing school, "KATAV", has begun operation within the Workshop, offering courses in various domains of writing, including: prose, poetry and journalistic writing and editing. In addition, there is an expansion of the theoretical course which offers lectures on different subjects, from plastic arts to basic concepts in literature.

The workshop is attended by people from across the country, mostly residents of Tel-Aviv and the Dan Metropolitan, aged 16 to 30, of which 60% are women and 40% are men.


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