The Scholarship Administration

The Havatzelet group funds are managed by the scholarship administration and are made, by the vision of their founders, for the advancement of education, culture and creation in kibbutzes and in Israeli society. The scholarships act as leverage for fulfilment of personal potential and social, cultural and economic prosperity.

Encouraging art and creation. The Havatzelet group sees great importance in encouraging the artist, the creator, the kibbutz member, in their artistic and cultural work. Artistic creation, in all its forms, provides an important and unique contribution to enriching the cultural life of the Kibbutzes Movement – in content, values, experiences and enjoyment. Dozens of members of HaKibbutz HaArtzi every year are awarded scholarships by Havatzelet for various social, cultural, philosophical and artistic activities. Despite the fact that this is only very humble support, its cumulative significance is very high.

The Funds. The Havatzelet group runs three funds which are open to the public and operate within the fiscal year; the Artistic Creation Support Fund, the Higher Education Support Fund and the Fund for Book Publications within HaKibbutz HaArtzi.

The Artistic Creation Support Fund sets its sights on cultivating and encouraging artistic creativity in the kibbutzes. The fund serves the artist kibbutz member who hasn't the means to publish a book, launch an exhibit, put on a musical production or play or produce a film.

The Higher Education Support Fund. The Havatzelet group finds great importance in supporting students of higher education and continuing education programmes. Higher education is more than just an individual's need, it is the basis and leverage of our society's prosperity and attraction. Scholarships are awarded each year for social activities in informal education, in the various Havatzelet branches and in kibbutz institutions. The Higher Education Support Fund has given hundreds of scholarships to students of continuing education in recent years.

Scholarship recipients are obligated to spend four hours a week throughout the year working in a voluntary project. This support allows the student to contribute their knowledge and added value for the promotion of social activity in Israeli society.

The Movement Books Committee. The Fund, which is managed by a committee of representatives from the kibbutzes, assists in the publication of books on life stories in the Movement, on the kibbutz and in Movement activities. In addition, the fund supports the publication of books for Yad Ya'ari and Moreshet. Yad Ya'ari publication focusses on research history of the movement in different countries, as well as research, and Moreshet publishes the personal stories of holocaust surviving members of HaShomer HaTzair kibbutzes.

The Committee meets twice a year to discuss applications made to it. Those eligible receive the aid upon publication of their books.


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